Monday, January 9, 2012


Happy New Year! I realize it's been 2012 for over a week now, but I just got my internet back... again. (One of my biggest regrets of 2011 - signing up for Verizon. I've now switched companies.)

 Last year I became more aware of the effects ingredients in my personal care/cosmetic collection could have on my health and more conscious of the choices I was making whenever I made a purchase. I ended up concentrating on on bath and body products, and now I am really happy with the products I use in the shower and on my face and body as part of my skin-care routine. I plan to continue to use these products in 2012. Most of them come from Rainwater Botanicals and Trader Joe's.

This year, I hope to take a closer look at the makeup I use. I made better-educated purchases of makeup last year, but not perfect ones. I am not a purist, and I feel comfortable using up the remainder of any products I have in my current collection. However, I hope to limit my makeup purchases in 2012 to only the cleanest items.

In fact, I hope to limit my purchases in general. I've amassed enough eye shadow to last me the next decade! I go through my skin-care products at a pretty decent rate, but I need to chill on the cosmetic buying.

I'm staying away from making any resolutions this year as they tend to fall by the way-side before February rolls around. What about you though? Do you have any goals for 2012?

~ Susan


  1. Is it hard to find clean makeup?

  2. not particularly. It's just that I had become addicted to Sephora, and their products with a natural seal are not always made with the cleanest of ingredients. If you're looking for "clean" makeup, I suggest: Everyday Minerals and Alima Pure for face products (mineral foundation, blush, and highlight), Burt's Bees and Yes to Carrots for lip products, and... I'm still looking for good natural eye products :)