Thursday, July 5, 2012

Slim in 6

I just started a new workout program - Slim in 6. Slim in 6 is a program by Beachbody that promises to reshape your body in 6 weeks. The foundation of the program is a set of 3 DVDs - you use one at a time, progressing to the next in the set every two weeks. (You use Start It Up! for the first two weeks, Ramp It Up! for the next two weeks, and Burn It Up! for the final two weeks.)

According to the promo material, this program can help you fit into a dress for an upcoming event or lose the weight that you've gained over the years in 6 weeks. The workout is made up of fat-burning cardio moves and some light resistance moves. The moves target your abs, hips, thighs, and butt.

I likes these workouts because they're very straight-forward and not too dancy. There's also no jumping, which I like because sometimes I worry about how my downstairs neighbor acts.

I've had time to go through all of the workouts on the first DVD:
  • Start It Up! - this is the main workout on the DVD, it features squats, lunges, arm exercises with a band, ab mat work, and 16 count aerobic moves
  • Slim & 6-Pack - a 15 minute ab workout
  • Slim & Limber - this is a 15 minute stretch routine
  • 2 Bonus Workouts
    • Thin Thighs Guaranteed - Debbie Siebers leads the exercies, but she looks and sounds very different than she does in the other videos, so this is either older or newer. Each move is 45 seconds, but so hard!
    • Cardio Core Express - this workout is from the Slim Series, a different Beachbody workout program. This workout is under 30 minutes and there's no floor work. It uses several of the same moves in Start It Up! but it's more upbeat.
All of the workouts have a countdown bar at the bottom that tracks how much of the workout has gone by. The bar either tracks - how much of the total workout is left, how much of the current exercise is left, or both.
Hope you liked my initial review of Slim-in-6! I'll check in every two weeks, at the end of each DVD, to let you know how it went. :)

~ Susan

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