Sunday, October 28, 2012

SUPER Cookies!

These cookies were on sale at Mom's Organic Market, so I picke.d up a couple of flavors that sounded good. The Ginger Snaps ended up being my favorite. They're very ginger-y delicious. :)

If you have a huge cookie craving, these probably aren't going to help you beat it, but I do find that they satiate any general craving I have for something sweet. Also, these cookies are small and low in calorie, so you get a lot for a serving which helps me feel as though I've gotten a lot to eat.

I really like their ingredient list:

Organic coconut (unsulphured), sprouted organic sesame seeds, organic dates, and organic ginger powder

Short and simple. :)

If you're looking for a tasty sweet snack I recommend trying these!

Right now I'm snacking on a few of these and waiting for Sandy to hit. I live in Northern Virginia, so we've been hearing various things from the news about when the storm will hit and how bad it will be. I think they've settled on tomorrow afternoon and Tuesday being the times when there will be high winds and hard rain. Also, it seems that the power companies are already quite certain that a lot of people will be out of power. When the durecho hit this summer, we were out of power for a couple days. Here's hoping that the effects of this storm are minimal and that people stay safe!

~ Susan


  1. Wish you the best,Susan!May God protect you and your beloved ones! Amin:)
    Anywho,I always envy your healthy snacks..desperately want to try Larabar T__T..Haven't seen that kind of bar here :( Oh,there's this 100% pure bar or something like that,it looks like Larabar.Just prettier packaging.Ever tried that?

    1. Thank you, Lynn! Things are actually pretty calm right now. I've seen the Pure bars, but I haven't tried any of them. Larabars have a shorter ingredient list, and are a little bit cheaper. Also, they have tones of flavors and all of them are AWESOME! Try them if you get the chance!!!

  2. Oh,'s Pure bars :D Looks delicious :) But basically all of that kind of bars look delicious.I love sweets,hope that kind of bars will come here soon,or at least there's a company here who will make it.Amin :)

    Btw,how do you move the whole contents of your old blog to this new blog name?Using 3rd party/software?

    1. I just changed the URL in the blog settings. :)