Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fix for Split Fingernails

My nails starting splitting a few months ago, I think around the start of Spring. It was really frustrating because I usually have really strong nails that I can grow out without having them break.

Enter: Julep Essential Cuticle Oil

This is an all-natural blend of essential oils and Vitamin E. Julep says that this strengthens your nails and softens your cuticles, and I agree! My nails have completely stopped splitting since I started using this two weeks ago! I've never been overly concerned with my cuticles, but the two rough parts I had are now gone. I like the roller-ball applicator because with a couple of rolls I've got the perfect amount of oil on my nails. It's not a hassle to get the oil applied, and it doesn't feel like I've got a ton of oil on my hands.

Ingredients: jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, castor seed oil, rosewood wood oil, tocopheryl acetate, lavander oil, ylang ylang oil

This received a Skin Deep Rating of 2
I've really been enjoying this, but I think once I've used this up I'll just use a mix of jojoba and sweet almond oil (Skin Deep Rating of 0) on my nails.

The Julep website is a bit wonky, but I can tell that they're working on fixing it. They have a monthly mailing program that you can check out.


  1. Thanks for the tip! This happened to me just last week at my cousin's wedding! :)

  2. You're welcome! I hope you had a great time at her wedding :)