Monday, September 12, 2011

Haul: Everyday Minerals

I heard about Everyday Minerals on Hayley's blog and Mary's blog and decided to get some things when I saw the affordable prices. I picked up a bunch of powder for mah face.

  • Big Finishing Dust
Skin Deep Rating of 1
    This was on sale for $6 (usually it's $12). This is a translucent powder that's meant to set your makeup and get rid of excess shine. I've used Bare Minerals' mineral veil, and I think this is the same idea. On days when I don't need as much coverage, I plan on using this over a little bit on concealer.
    •  Base Sample Kit
    These each have a Skin Deep Rating of 2
      You can get a free sample kit of bases (foundation powders) whenever you want - no purchase necessary! If you don't make a purchase, you just have to pay for shipping. These are really nicely sized. According to the website, each sample lasts for five to seven applications. This is the Fair kit (there are four different kits - the darkest is called "Tan") and as you can see it really covers all the possible fair skin-tones. Between these samples and the ones I got from my recent Alima Pure Haul I should be able to figure out what my matches my skin tone PERFECTLY!
      • Face Promo
      These each have a Skin Deep Rating of 1
      I'm not exactly sure what these powders are for. I'm guess that the Bamboo Face Powder in Yellow is a correcting powder, the Kaolin Powder in Soft Bronze is a bronzer, and the Kaolin Powder in Sunlight is a highlighter.
      • Travel size 10 piece eye shadow kit
      The eye shadows have a Skin Deep Rating of 2
        This kit contains eight neutral eye shadows and two eyeshadow brushes.  Though the eye shadows are "travel-size," they contain 0.02 oz of product which I feel will last me a long time. For comparison: a MAC eyeshadow is 0.05 oz while one from Bare Minerals is 0.02 oz; so, this is actually a good-sized eyeshadow.

        The eye shadows come in a roller-ball applicator which seemed a bit weird, but I tested it out on my arm and there wasn't any extra product coming out though I'm still curious as to how it will work on the eye. I'm also wondering why this kit came with two eye shadow brushes, considering that they're unnecessary due to the roller-balls. It's always cool to get new brushes, though!

         Here's how it looked on my arm. On the left is one swipe, on the left is three.

        Now I have enough samples of non-toxic foundation to keep me going for a looooong while. I'm confident that I will find the perfect shade of foundation when I'm done trying them all out.

        I actually kept searching the Everyday Minerals website after I made this purchase... and ended up buying some more stuff. I'll post the other stuff I got tomorrow. :)


        1. Anonymous9/13/2011

          What a great haul! I hope you like it all.
          You'll have to let us know if Everyday Minerals has a new fan :D

        2. Great haul! Personally, I'm not a big fan of the rollerballs...they always seem to go on unevenly. I usually just pop the rollerball part off, then you can fit a small brush in :)

        3. Thanks for the shout out! With all the freebies, Everyday Minerals is a bit addicting, isn't it? I hope you like your purchases!