Monday, October 17, 2011

Argan Oil

Less than a year ago, I never would have considered putting moisturizer, let alone oil, on my face. I've had issues with break-outs since high school and was always careful to purchase oil-free foundations and to eschew moisturizers because I believe that they would just make my skin worse. However, after watching/reading many skin-care routines online, I realized that a lot of people attributed their good skin to moisturizing daily. After adding moisturizer to my skin-care routine, my skin looks the best it ever has! (Not awesome, but much better than before.)

I've been having trouble finding a clean, natural facial moisturizer, so I've starting using an oil to moisturize. Right now I'm trying out Argan oil.

Like all oils, Argan oil helps to keep the skin moisturized. Argan is specifically promoted as being able to minimize fine lines and heal acne blemishes and scarring.

I purchased this oil from I've been using it on my face at night after I cleanse and tone and on my hair while it's still damp. So far everything's good. I haven't seen a great improvement over my old moisturizer, but I haven't broken out like crazy like I used to fear I would with the slightest bit of oil coming into contact with my face. My hair also looks better on the days that I treat it with Argan oil. Once my hair is done air-drying, I'm good to go without any styling.

Have you ever used an oil as a moisturizer? Do you have a favorite facial moisturizer to recommend?


  1. What a coincidence, argan oil has been on my mind too! The stylist at my local salon was raving on about Morroccanoil the other day, and I have to admit, it made my hair really soft and gorgeous. The main ingredient is argan oil, but there's a lot of artificial crud in there as well (plus it's freaking expensive!). I'm thinking of experimenting with pure argan oil to try to concoct something similar, so it was good to read your thoughts on the matter :).

  2. I used to be freaked out by oil + face since I was prone to having skin congestions on my nose. But when I started using natural/organic products, I was introduced to the idea of applying oil on to the skin. Currently, I'm really, really loving MVO Anti-Aging Oil Plus. I've tried several oils before but this is the only one that helps soften my fine lines without congesting my skin. :) As for Argan Oil, I find it more suitable on my hair than on my skin.

  3. @The Laughing Mermaid - I hope you'll let us know what you come up with through your experiments! :)

    @Vivi - Anti-Aging Oil Plus looks like it has an awesome (and expensive!) blend of oils - thanks for the tip about Argan Oil, I'll have to see if I get even better results with a different oil :)