Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MIMM: Back to Basics

I hope you had a great weekend and a Marvelous Monday!

Today I enjoyed my Favorite Breakfast: Coconut Vanilla French Toast!

I tried out these cute little sample sizes of Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops I got off of Amazon:

There are four different flavors:

Vanilla Creme, Lemon Drop, Chocolate Raspberry, and Valencia Orange. I used the Vanilla Creme in my french toast... I'll have to think of ways to use the other three. Any ideas?

I've tried NuNaturals Liquid Stevia in the past. The Sweet Leaf Vanilla Creme didn't seem as sweet/flavorful NuNaturals' vanilla liquid stevia. I'll just use more next time.

Then I went to the gym to get in a good work out. I didn't gain any weight over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I don't feel as light as I did before. So it's time to really kick it in the gym and to get back to a more fruit and vegetable-centric way of eating.

I'm trying to eat the ABCs every day:

A is for apples

B is for bananas

C is for carrots (and coconut oil!)

These are just my favorite fruits/veggies, so they're the easiest for me to include in my eats. By snacking on these throughout the day, I don't ever feel crazy ravenous or crazy stuffed. I'm sure in a couple of days I'll feel light on my feet once again. :)

What are your favorite fruits and veggies?

~ Susan

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