Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Trip and the DietBet are Over!

I got back from San Francisco a couple days ago and have been dealing with some major jetlag... I'm sure it wasn't helped by the fact that my friend and I stayed out until 3 A.M. most nights (6 A.M. my time)! During the day I visited museums.

Cute Frog at the Aquarium


I really enjoyed the city. I feel as though there's a much greater emphasis on green living - most of the food I saw in grocery stores was organic, there was a lot of public transportation, and tips about going green were posted EVERYWHERE!

Here are the top tips:
  • Use public transportation or walk to work
  • Shop locally and eat organic whenever possible
  • Keep toxic substances out of storm drains
  • Pick up litter before it gets carried into the water
  • Buy recycles products and choose items with minimal packaging
  • Bring cloth bags with you when you shop
  • Use a stainless steel water bottle
  • Eat sustainable fish and seafood
  • Always recycle
  • Plant a tree - well-placed trees around your house can reduce energy use
  • Buy CFL light bulbs
  • Unplug TVs, computers, and other electronics when they're off

Luckily, all of the walking and biking we did around the city helped me keep the weight off that I needed to in order to win my DietBet!

I also got to see some lovely houses. :)

It seems that more people were able to reach they're goals this round, because the payout was less than last time. This time, I concentrated on eating clean throughout the DietBet and I was able to reach my goal early on. Sarah says that there will be another Bet starting January 1. I'll probably join in for that one too!

~ Susan

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