Monday, February 6, 2012

Agape & Zoe Naturals Going Out of Business Sale

Agape & Zoe Naturals is an online company that I read about on a couple of natural beauty blogs. I decided to check out their website, and was surprised to find that they are going out of business. When I saw the deeply discounted natural perfumes, their loss became my gain - I purchased several items. I decided to do a short post so that you could take advantage of this huge (but also sad) sale as well. (The last day items will be available for purchase is February 10th, which is only a few days away.)

I purchased:

These are both 1 oz. spray bottles
  • Nighty-Night Calming Pillow Spray - this spray is lavender scented and is meant to help you get to sleep at night
  • Angelic Soul eau de parfum - this smells like vanilla, almond, and coconut. (I love me some sweet scents.) The only ingredients in this eau de parfum are organic grain alcohol and 100% organic flavor oils.

These are both all-natural perfumes in jojoba oil
  • Pure Innocence 1/6-ounce roller ball - this is described as smelling of a blend of citrus and floral gardenia. I am not very good at picking out different notes of perfume, so to me it just smells sweet.
  • Sugared Crush 1/6-ounce roller ball - they both say they're 1/6-ounce, though Sugared Crush is clearly larger than Pure Innocence. This one is the sweetest smelling of the perfumes I got. A little bit goes a long way, so I just dab a bit on one of my wrists, and I'm good to go. I love catching whiffs of this throughout the day.

These have roller ball applicators and a very thin consistency
  • Grape organic lip gloss
  • Orange Bubble Gum organic lip gloss

  • Sweet Stuff lip & body balm - an all-purpose balm. I like the smell which is sweet but not too strong. It has a good consistency - it's definitely a solid, but I'm able to pick up product without having to apply lots of pressure

I also got a complete sampler set of their perfumes. I know it could be frustrating if I end up really liking one of these because I won't be able to nab it in the future, but it takes me forever to go through little vials of perfume, and I wanted to grab a variety of natural perfumes while they were available at such a low price. (These used to go for $20, they're currently offered at $2.50 a pack.)

So, if you're interested, check out their website and Etsy store before the11th! They also have natural hand sanitizer and deodorant.

~ Susan

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  1. Looks like you pick up some great bargains. Angelic Soul eau de parfum sounds lovely, I also love anything that smells of almonds, coconut, vanilla.