Monday, February 27, 2012

Everyday Minerals Anti Shine

I have been having some problems with oiliness recently. My T-zone gets oily, especially my forehead. I only notice it under the unflattering lights in my workplace restroom, but it was really bothering me. So, I decided to re-start using some of the powders that I own for the this purpose. My go-to foundation is Everyday Minerals Matte Base, so I decided to do a post on their Anti-Shine Finishing Dusts.

Everyday Minerals' Finishing Dusts are translucent powders that are meant to be used to set your makeup and get rid of excess shine. According to Everyday Minerals' website, these finishing dusts (also known as anti-shine powders) are suitable for all skin shades, from fair to dark.

Using these powders after your foundation gives the skin a matte finish and smooth appearance. You can also try using these powders on their own if all you need is sheer coverage. The prices below are the current prices for the "Big" size. They are getting rid of all the products except for the original Finishing Dust. I hope they are going to replace these because I think they work really well to combat shine!

Finishing Dust ($12) - this is the most basic finishing dust; it sets your makeup and reduces shine. For me, this is the absolute best of all the powders at actually preventing oiliness/shine. It really makes my face feel perfectly smooth. :)

 Kaolin Powder Fair ($12) - this is specifically designed for those with Fair to Light complexions.This adds a bit of extra coverage, which is nice on my "bad skin" days.

Kaolin Powder Soft Bronze ($12) - is designed for those with Medium complexions, or can be used by Fair to Light complexions as a contour shade or for all-over glow. This is too dark for me, but may be usable as a bronzer in the summer months.

Sunlight Finishing Dust ($12) - this has a tinge of yellow to combat skin flaws such as redness or dark circles.

Bamboo Face Powder Yellow ($10.50) - infused with bamboo and kaolin powder. This has a yellow tint that is supposed to help adjust skin tones. This is just too yellow for me, so I only recommend it for people who have a lot of redness. Like the other powders, this creates a matte finish. They also have this product in the shade "Medium."

To use these, first, moisturize your skin. Apply a powder foundation of your choice and blend completely. Shake a small amount of the finishing powder of your choice into the lid. Lightly dip your brush into the powder. (Everyday Minerals suggests using their Kabuki, Flat Top, or Large Mineral brush.) Tap away excess powder. Apply to face using sweeping and circular motions.

If you have any issue with oiliness, I think these will help you out!

~ Susan

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