Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going Lean and Green

In addition to caring about what I put on my body, I also care about what I put in it. I consider the way I eat to be "green" - I eat minimally processed food and organic when I can - so I'm going to start posting about my diet on this blog. These past few weeks I've been less focused on makeup and skin care and more focused on exercise and healthy cooking. The summer season is coming, and I want to be in tip-top shape. :)

The way you eat is one of the ways you can make a huge impact on the environment. The top ways to go green with your eating:
  • cut your beef and chicken consumption
  • buy organic, seasonal, and locally produced food whenever possible
  • cook at home when possible
  • reduce food waste by sticking to an eating plan - buy what you're going to eat, and use it all
  • recycle!
Also, the greener you eat, the better you'll feel!

~ Susan


  1. Anonymous4/10/2012

    An excellent list to live by! I agree with all your points, I'm thinking to try Meatless Monday, will have to get my other half on board with that though! Looking forward to reading your posts and seeing how you get on :)

    1. Thanks! You could always make a dish that stands on its own but also does well with chicken thrown in (like a stir-fry or quinoa salad) if your other half demands meat... though that might negate the point of Meatless Monday :/

  2. I don't eat meat,chicken,and only eat seafood sometimes.The hardest one is to buy organic foods,the price is 2x higher here:(..So I usually clean the...ugh..pesticide by vinegar.I heard that hydrogen peroxide(?)can be used to clean pesticide on Oprah.Have you ever tried it?

    1. Yup - unless I buy in bulk, organic is usually a lot more expensive. So, I try to buy from the "Clean 15" [http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary/], foods you can buy conventional without worrying about pesticides. (However, this list is for the U.S., in Indonesia it may be different.) My exception is apples - I love them, and buy them organic! I'm sure that cleaning with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide removes the pesticides from the outside of fruit, but some gets incorporated into the fruit through the root system while it grows. Also, a lot of the pesticides that were used will have run off into water sources and hurt the environment. :(