Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 2012 Julep Maven

I got my June Julep Maven box. The Julep Maven program is a monthly mail subscription of nail polish/nail polish related things. There are several different sets of boxes that are sent out each month. This is the American Beauty set/box. American Beauty was the style assigned to me when I took the style quiz when I initially signed up, and I have to say that they really got my style down! However, each month there's the option to switch to whichever style you prefer. You can also choose to skip a month or send your box to a friend.

I adore the orange and yellow packaging. :) They also sent some pixie sticks. The food stuff they're sending is becoming a bit odd - I don't think of sweets when I think of nail polish. They also sent two extra nail polish caps/brushes because some people complained about the quality of those sent in last month's box.

My box contained:

  • Courteney - green nail polish 
  • Lily - pink nail polish

  • Julep SPF 30 Daylight Defense for Hands & Face
  • Julep SPF 15 Daylight Defense for Lips

 You can sign up for the Julep Maven subscription service here. Use the promo code "COLOR2012" in order to get your first box for only a penny!

~ Susan


  1. Anonymous6/30/2012

    I love the pink one!

    1. Me too! I'm wearing it on my toes right now :)