Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Favorite Teas

I just started out my day with a cup of tea. I like coffee, but I don't like the way I make it, lol. For me, steeping tea is much easier and harder to mess up than making coffee. I love black and green teas. My favorite varieties are chai teas and fruity green teas. For the past month, these have been my favorite teas:

Tazo Organic Chai

The spices give this tea a dessert-like flavor, making it taste like I'm drinking something full of calories even though I'm not.

Tazo Decaf Chai

I like drinking chai tea at night when I crave something sweet. However, black tea has caffeine, so at night I drink the decaffeinated version.

Yogi Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life

I love saying this tea's name: "I'm going to drink some Blueberry Slim Life!" I don't know, it sounds so funny. Also, this tea is delicious and really helps to numb my my appetite. I like to drink this in the morning before breakfast because it helps me feel more awake and light and when I get home from work to prevent me from overeating.

Yogi Skin Detox

I don't love how this tea tastes; however, I do think this has been helping my skin. This could totally be a placebo effect - maybe I break out less because I'm less stressed out about my skin because I think this is helping me. :)

If I'm out and order tea at a restaurant, I take milk and sugar with my black teas. I don't keep milk in the house, so I usually just add a packet of Truvia to my cup. Depending on what sort of green tea I'm drinking, I usually take it plain.

I own loose teas too, but recently I've been finding them more trouble then they're worth - it's a pain to pack the infuser and clean it out, plus the cups of tea I make with my infuser aren't as strong as the ones I make with bags.

What are your favorite teas? Are there any that I should try out?

~ Susan

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