Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shaving Essentials

It's summer, which means I'm shaving almost every day. My legs can get quite irritated, so I take care to use products that soothe rather than chafe. Here are my current products that ensure smooth skin:


1. Schick Quattro Razor/Blades - I used to use the cheapest razors, but after using these, I realized that a more expensive but higher quality razor is really worth the extra money. They give a closer shave and stay sharp for more uses, so I think I actually save money in the long run.

2. EOS Vanilla Bliss Shave Cream - Any shave cream will do, but this one smells especially nice.

3. Shea Moisture Honey & Black Seed After Shave Regenerative Lotion - I've found that using a lotion immediately after shaving prevents razor burn. This lotion is supposed to slow hair regrowth, and has a light, pleasant scent.

4. J.R. Watkins Hand & Body Lotion in Lemon Creme - I like to use this when I want to smell extra yummy. It smells super sweet - it really makes me feel as though I've had dessert. It's a little over-powering, so I only use this on days when I don't feel like wearing perfume (otherwise the combination of scents would be a little much).

~ Susan


  1. These sounds great sadly I don't think I can get hold of the products in UK except the razor blades :)

    1. That's a bummer. I particularly like the Shea Moisture line :/