Friday, September 14, 2012

Vegetarian McDonald's

Have you heard? McDonald's is opening its first vegetarian-only restaurants! Unfortunately, there will only be two... and they'll both be in India. Bummer, it would be nice if there were some more readily-available vegetarian food options.

While I think it's best to try to eat produce and other whole-food items, sometimes fast food becomes the only option. For instance, sometimes I forget to schedule time for me to eat and I have to grab a quick bite on my way to work from a haircut or a doctor's appointment. A lot of fast food chains have relatively clean options for meat eaters - some variation of a grilled chicken salad. It's a bit harder when you're a vegetarian, because vegetarian options are often laden with cheese or a high-calorie sauce. Here are my top five meals to grab on the run for vegetarians:

1. McDonald's. McDonald's has salads, but if you ask for them without the meat you're basically eating lettuce. I order a fruit and walnut salad and two side salads. This comes out to about the same cost ($3.50) but is much more filling.

2. Subway. Order a veggie delite or a veggie max sub. I usually get a foot-long veggie delite with every vegetable (if you only like some of the toppings, don't be scared to ask them to double the amount of everything) and eat half for my lunch and the other half for dinner.

3. Starbucks. Get the grilled vegetable sandwich and ask them to heat it up for you. Also get a banana to eat on the side.

4. Supermarket. Run into a supermarket and grab some pre-cut and packaged fruit, crudites, hummus and pita. Dip the crudites and pita in the hummus and eat the fruit on the side.

5. Snackbars. Sometimes I'm on so much of a run that I don't have any time to stop at all. Because this happens more than I would like, I started to have a couple of Larabars in my purse at all times. I can always eat one or two of these in cases of emergency. You can also stash some nuts and/or dried fruit in your purse or at your office in cases of emergency. I love cashews, almonds, prunes, and craisins.

Let me know if you have any veggie options for those of us who are on the run!

~ Susan

Sorry for being MIA... I've been dealing with some stuff and didn't have the time or energy to blog. /: But, now I'm back!


  1. Woah,envyyyy!!When will they open vegetarian version here?:/ Anyway,why do they open it in India 1st?

    Anyway,glad you're back.I know how hard it is,I wasn't arround as well:)

    1. I think they'll see how these restaurants do before they think about adding anymore. I just wish they would add some veggie options to their regular menu! They started these in India because there are a lot of Sikhs and Hindus who don't eat meat/beef. Thanks for the welcome back, Lynn!

    2. As far as I know,they don't eat meat/beef.But they still eat chicken and fish,not fully vegetarian.Pesco vegetarian,I think.So it's not"that"vegetarian as we,err.. I mean I expected :/

      Yeah,at least they have vegetarian option.I don't think we'll have it here.Local restaurants/cafes here provide vegetarian menu,but they're not"all vegetables/fruits"menu. Anyway,do you eat junk food oftenly?I read that McDonald's or KFC use propylene glycol as anti caking and anti freezing agent :/

    3. No, I don't eat fast food or junk food very often. When I do grab something from McDonald's I'll get a fruit and walnut salad (apples, grapes, walnuts, and yogurt) and two side garden salads (basically just lettuce and grape tomatoes) :)