Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fruit Flush 3 Day Diet

I've been feeling a bit unhealthy recently. I haven't been making as good choices as I should. I often mean to eat fresh fruit and veggies, but often it's just easier to microwave a meal instead. I've decided to follow Jay Robb's Fruit Flush diet for the next three days, starting today

Jay suggests a cleanse to remove the manmade toxins that you come into contact with in your day to day life in order to feel healthier and to prepare yourself for making healthier choices. According to Jay, a lot of the toxins we are exposed do are due to diet choices:

"Your body can become toxic if you are eating foods that are not completely digested and absorbed into the body. You can also become toxic internally if you are constipated. Believe it or not, I estimate that 99% of Americans are constipated, even though they have at least one bowel movement per day. One is not enough! You should have one to three healthy bowel movements each day. A very common form of toxicity is 'fried-fat overload,' which is very common in America due to the fried foods we consume as a nation."

Jay identifies fruits and vegetables as the best foods to consume to assist your body in the cleansing process. Most fresh fruits and vegetables are low in fat and contain unique nutrients and properties that do not interfere with your body's ability to detoxify itself. The Fruit Flush is a short cleanse that can help eliminate toxins while dropping 5 to 10 pounds in as little as 3 days.

While I believe that the human body is well-equipped to "cleanse" or detoxify itself, I do think that a diet of primarily fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to get back on track.

Check out his site to find the down-loadable Fruit Flush plan or to find the free plan that he has available.

~ Susan

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