Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIAW: The Usual Suspects

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks, Jen, for hosting!

Today was full of my go-to eats.

For my "brunch" I sauteed some spinach and grape tomatoes in olive oil with black pepper and Mrs. Dash. I ate it over three huge pieces of cheese ravioli that I chopped up.

So delicious. I make sure each bite has a little bit or spinach, a little bit of tomato and some ravioli.

Before I headed into work I had some coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.

I'll be sad when this is no longer available. :(

At work I had a Luna Fiber Bar as a snack.

Definitely one of my favorite bars. I haven't tried any of the other flavors because I like this one so much. I've heard that the peanut butter jelly ones are good.

When I got home I made myself a green sandwich.

The greens: baby spinach, cucumbers, half an avocado. I really wanted a Sheetz shmuffin, but the closest Sheetz to me is 30 minutes away... maybe sometime over the next week I'll make the trek. :) The combo of toasted bread and avocado was almost as good though, and almost canceled out my craving. If you have a Sheetz near you, you probably know what I mean about cravings for shmuffins.

I finished off the night with some cookies and tea.

... I had a few more gingerbread men than pictured. So cute! But also so hard to stop at just one serving.

I know the theme of this month's WIAW is supposed to be "Healthy Holiday Recipes." but I haven't been creating/following any recently. I have to bake sometime this week though, because I want to give my co-workers some yummy baked goods before Christmas!

~ Susan


  1. Oh, my gah! Sheetz!!! I recently discovered the amazing establishment when my husband moved me from Charleston, SC to the middle of BFE nowhere NC. I fell in love (with Sheetz) the moment I spied their $5.99/lb pumpkin spice coffee and their pumpkin spice donut holes. Amazeballs. What is this shmuffin you speak of?!?

    1. I love their Made To Order stuff, I've never gotten anything I didn't like. A shmuffin is like a McDonald's egg mcmuffin, only like a thousand times better! You need to try one! :) you can also tailor it to whatever your heart desires - I get mine with egg, american cheese, butter, tomato, and s&p

  2. Cute little ginger bread guys!

  3. They have got to be the cutest gingerbread men I've ever seen!
    I've been reading quite a lot about Mrs Dash on this week's WIAW. What a fun name! I don't have a clue what it/she is so I'm going to have to google and find out ;)

  4. Those gingerbread men are so cute! And perfect... Haha. My homemade ones could never look that good :) Tea and cookies sounds like a great Christmasy snack.

  5. Coffee mate pumpkin spice creamer is my favorite too! I try to do organic half and half most of the year in my coffee but when Pumpkin Spice comes out...I cave. Your brunch looks really delicious too - right up my alley!
    Gina || On the Daily Express