Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Origins Eye Creams

I didn't do a lot of shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but what I did order came in over the past few days. I decided to get some eye creams from Origins. I've somehow lost my day cream, and I think/hope my night cream will be empty soon... I've been using it for two years... how is there any left?

I got a gift set that includes a morning eye cream, a night eye cream, and a free sample

I love the bag.

The gift set includes a mascara, VitaZing moisturizer, and GinZing eye cream.

The mascara is new to me, and perhaps a new product in general. I've tried the VitaZing moisturizer before and it made me look orange. Maybe if I wait until the summer to use it, it will look more natural. I love the GinZing eye cream for use in the day time - it noticeably brightens up my under-eye area. I just use this and my regular foundation (with a special brush when applying it to my under-eye area) and then I'm good to go!

This is my favorite night eye cream. It's very moisturizing, but too thick to use during the day. When I tried to use it in the morning, my mascara ran, and I looked like a crazy person. When I apply this at night, I always feel like there's a difference in the morning. The creases that are beginning to appear at the corners of my eyes (I'm 26) seem less noticeable. I first bought this about two years ago when I noticed the lines appearing, and this has helped me feel more at peace about them. =D

Did you snap up any goodies for yourself on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, or were you dutifully only shopping for other people?

~ Susan

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  1. Anonymous2/07/2014

    Thanks for sharing it. I was on a look out for an eye cream. Though I am less than 25 and there are no wrinkles and dark circles on my eyes. But I believe one should start taking care of their skin at this age only. The care we do now, is going to show on the face in near future. I would probably order this one. I am totally into natural and home made skin care regime. xxx

    Geetika |