Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Beginning to *Feel* a Lot Like Christmas

This weekend I went to not one, but two holiday parties. The Christmas season is definitely here, even though it's somehow warmer than it was this fall!

The parties were lots of fun. One was my company's. I won the Gangnam Style dance contest!

Sweet victory helped get me into the seasonal spirit. :p

I've also been picking up a few items that I think have helped get me in the holiday mood.

I got the Gingerbread soap, because it's a holiday scent, and the packaging is super cute. I also grabbed Vanilla Chai, because I love chai tea.

I also love coffee!

I love this Pumpkin Spice creamer. Pumpkin is a Christmas flavor, right?

I picked up some eggnog from Whole Foods. I LOVE eggnog! I drink a cup of it for dessert. I also saw this recipe on Tina's blog yesterday. I think I'll end up liking eggnog best on it's own (I don't even like to add rum to it), but I'll definitely give the recipe a try!

I also recently grabbed some baking supplies for some holiday sweets:

Chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cups are in my future.

Have you picked up any holiday items recently?

~ Susan

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